Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Challenges

VDI has the potential to revolutionize enterprise desktop computing by lowering the total cost of desktop computing, increasing security and compliance and making desktop computing more flexible. However, many companies have deployed VDI only to realize that their VDI architecture could not scale without either degrading desktop performance or requiring a massive additional investment in computing, networking and storage infrastructure.

"The deployment of virtual desktops is strategic to JPMorgan Chase Virtual desktops increase user productivity, lower costs and will ultimately become a competitive advantage for us."Paul McEwen, Managing Director, JP Morgan ChaseAtlantis Computing Inducted into the JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation

VDI has fundamental challenges preventing large scale adoption:

  • VDI CAPEX costs - Traditional VDI costs twice as much as a PC
  • VDI User Experience – Project stalls due to resistance from users
  • VDI Scalability - VDI pilots fail to scale beyond 500-1,000 virtual desktops
  • VDI Complexity – VDI deployments can become unnecessarily complex

In order for VDI to achieve broad adoption, it must deliver cost, performance and scalability characteristics that are equivalent or better than the existing physical PC-based computing infrastructure.

Atlantis ILIO™ Solution

Atlantis ILIO is a VDI storage and performance optimization software solution that integrates with Citrix XenDesktop®, VMware View® and other VDI offerings to cut storage costs, provide IT teams with more storage options, and boost desktop performance and security. Atlantis ILIO is a unique and innovative VDI storage optimization technology that fundamentally changes the economics and performance characteristics of VDI by working at the Windows NTFS protocol layer to optimize storage access and provide inline deduplication of Windows operating system and applications before they reach storage. Atlantis ILIO's unique solution enables customers to:

  • VDI CAPEX Costs – Cut VDI storage CAPEX by up to 90%
  • VDI User Experience - Boost desktop performance up to 10X
  • VDI Scalability - Scale VDI pilots without adding additional storage
  • VDI Complexity – Eliminate persistent desktop "tax" and simplify VDI

Lakeside Software™ SysTrack™ Solution

Backed by our patented, highly-scalable database architecture and deep workload analytic capabilities, Lakeside Software's SysTrack™ Suite is a comprehensive solution set that provides unsurpassed insight and management of both physical and virtual systems. With Lakeside's single agent design SysTrack™ provides out of the box visibility with system, user and application forensic capabilities and sophisticated reporting intelligence enabling more efficient response to requests, incidents and operational issues. SysTrack integrates and supports Citrix XenDesktop®, VMware View®, and other virtual desktop offerings. The SysTrack Suite provides immediate ROI for desktop virtualization projects while addressing "Who, How, and What" in the environment should be configured through automated analysis and intelligent reporting.

Lakeside and Atlantis ILIO Joint Solution

Lakeside Software™ and Atlantis ILIO enable customers to eliminate the cost, complexity, scalability and user experience challenges that typically limit VDI deployments to small pilots. Lakeside provides the assessment, planning, monitoring and management capabilities that give customers visibility into application and desktop performance, while correlating that information with storage, CPU, and memory utilization. Using Lakeside Software™, customers can determine how much storage, memory and CPU are required to deliver the desired desktop performance.

Atlantis ILIO enables customers to dramatically reduce the amount of storage required for VDI by up to 90% and boost desktop performance. During the pilot phase of the VDI deployment, joint customers use Lakeside SysTrack™ to quantify the storage reduction and performance improvements realized by deploying Atlantis ILIO.

How does Lakeside Software's SysTrack™ Work?

SysTrack agents collect detailed user, application, and system metrics. This data is then stored in a local database. Old data gets replaced by new at specified intervals, so there is no maintenance headache. With less than 1% CPU overhead, you can afford to collect data on all systems at all times. At regular intervals a tiny summary record of the collected detailed information gets pushed up to a client server database at the next highest level in the tree. All of the detail is preserved at the originating node and is available when it is needed for troubleshooting. As summary data moves up the tree, the top-level database contains information on every Windows machine connected to your network. Communication is encrypted by default so none of the data is at risk.

How does Atlantis ILIO work?

Atlantis ILIO is a VDI storage and performance optimization software solution that works at the Windows NTFS protocol layer to optimize Windows storage access and provide inline deduplication of operating system and application IO before it reaches storage. This combination provides a unique solution that reduces the amount of storage needed for virtual desktops and boosts their performance. When the Microsoft Windows operating system and applications send IO traffic to storage, Atlantis ILIO intelligently deduplicates that traffic before it reaches storage and further minimizes storage traffic by processing locally up to 90% of all Windows IO requests – so that storage does not have to. The result is that VDI requires up to 90% less storage to deliver better desktop performance than a physical PC.