ShareFile Enterprise

Trends such as employee mobility, workshifting and BYO devices are putting pressure on IT, along with the business need to leverage existing investments, protect corporate data and intellectual property and meet regulatory compliance requirements. In addition, growing global and dispersed workforces, the need to collaborate and securely share data with other employees, 3rd parties, customers, partners, further adds to these complexities. Employees have increasingly turned to unsecure and unauthorized personal online file sharing accounts for access to corporate data and files across all of their devices, and to share data with others. Personal online file sharing usage in the workplace creates serious risks for the enterprise with potential data loss, violation of regulatory rules, and places data outside of IT control. To combat this, Citrix ShareFile, a secure data sync and sharing service with flexible storage options allows IT to protect and mobilize all enterprise data. ShareFile enables mobile productivity with read-write access to data, workflows and collaboration, allows users to securely share files with anyone, and sync files across all of their devices. ShareFile can also be fully integrated with existing security infrastructure and polices.

Citrix ShareFile Enterprise Edition

Citrix ShareFile is a secure enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) service with flexible storage. With ShareFile, IT gains the flexibility to store data in the most optimal locations to meet compliance and data sovereignty requirements and provide mobile access to network shares, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and any ECM system. ShareFile delivers an intuitive experience for users, while providing IT with the security and control it needs. ShareFile is a powerful service that can be fully integrated with existing security infrastructure and policies. Integrate ShareFile with existing DLP (data loss prevention) systems to restrict data sharing on files that violate company policies. Integration with Microsoft® Outlook®, Office 365, Windows® Explorer and Mac OS® Finder® makes it simple and intuitive for users to share, open and edit documents within the context of their existing workflow. Only Citrix offers an enterprise file sync and sharing solution stand alone, integrated with a comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) service, Citrix XenMobile or as part of mobile workspace products, Citrix Workspace Suite and Citrix Workspace Cloud. ShareFile is also optimized for virtual desktop environments, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and other similar services.

Citrix ShareFile is built for business and trusted by IT as it offers complete and secure IT oversight, integrates with existing infrastructure and provides a next generation workspace. ShareFile rich user interface across multiple mobile devices, traditional desktops, and virtual desktops delivers an easy-touse experience for users while providing IT with the control it needs over how business data is stored, accessed and shared. Unlike unsecure personal or consumer-style file sharing applications and other lightweight tools, Citrix ShareFile provides highly granular security settings to protect business data. With the most flexible storage options, business data can be stored in optimal locations—in the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid of both.

With ShareFile, users can access and sync all of their data from any device and securely share it with people both inside and outside (3rd party, customers, etc.) the organization for easy collaboration and enhanced productivity. Users can also share "read-only" documents in cases when preventing other members from adding, editing, or deleting files is required. Large file size support and integration with workflow tools, such as Microsoft Outlook®, provide an unmatched user experience. ShareFile offers secure apps with a built-in content editor specifically designed for providing a rich and intuitive experience on mobile devices and provides a mobile-optimized website as alternative way to access data. The Offline Access feature allows users to access and edit their data on- the -go without interrupting workflow productivity. The user interface for ShareFile is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Dutch and Portuguese.

Complete and secure IT oversight

Secure by design, ShareFile allows IT to determine how sensitive data is stored, accessed and shared. ShareFile meets business requirements for keeping corporate data safe. IT can define policies to allow the right level of secure access for each user, in each scenario, backed by robust authentication and authorization capabilities. Users can be granted download-only access or full upload/edit/delete rights depending on their location, role, device and other criteria.

Encryption secures data both at rest and in transit, and device security features such as passcode lock, jailbreak detection, remote wipe and data expiration protect data on mobile devices. Reporting and auditing controls support privacy mandates and regulatory compliance. Seamless integration with enterprise directory services simplifies authentication and user provisioning.

IT can track and log activity in real time and create custom reports to meet compliance requirements.

The solution also helps security, risk and audit officers protect intellectual property, prevent data leakage and facilitate compliance, especially in regulated industries like finance and healthcare. For example, the ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare provides a secure enclave within a private cloud where you can upload, store and share patient health information (PHI) to help you comply with strict HIPAA requirements.

Integrates with existing infrastructure

ShareFile's flexible storage options, allows businesses to choose where they want to host data. It can be in the cloud (one of Citrix ShareFile clouds or the customer's cloud), inside an existing network (on-premises) using ShareFile's StorageZones feature or a hybrid model. The benefits of choosing where data is stored allows businesses to meet specific requirements for data sovereignty, compliance, performance and costs.

Storing data in the cloud

Businesses utilize the ShareFile secure cloud storage on Azure, AWS S3 or ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare in multiple worldwide locations, referred to as Citrix-managed StorageZones. Another option many businesses take advantage of is using their existing cloud storage account(s), referred to as Customermanaged storage. Benefits of cloud storage range from the ability to set up very quickly to increased flexibility to store data in close proximity to the user and elasticity, fixed costs and maintaining ownership of the encryption keys used to protect their ShareFile data.

Storing data on-premises

On-premises storage allows businesses to leverage their existing data center(s) and address strict data compliance and security requirements. ShareFile supports CIFS based, S3 object storage, Microsoft Azure's binary large object storage. This is also another Customermanaged storage option. Unlike other enterprise file sync and sharing services, ShareFile is one of the few offerings that provides on-premises storage as an option. This allows businesses to build the most cost effective solution.

Storing data in hybrid option

Many businesses want storage flexibility for various reasons. With ShareFile, a hybrid option combines on-premises storage (Customer-managed) and in-the-cloud storage (Citrix-managed). This is ideal for global businesses and highly regulated industries. It is highly customizable and can be very cost-effective.

Storage vendors

Citrix has performed rigorous lab testing and has fully validated several different storage vendor's solutions – to learn more visit .

For increased data protection

ShareFile also offers Restricted StorageZones, private data areas for customer-managed StorageZones that provides increased data security and compliance. Files and metadata in Restricted StorageZone are encrypted with the customer's keys for zero-knowledge vendor visibility, plus file sharing access is exclusive and limited to specified internal users who must pass a dual authentication process.

ShareFile also integrates with popular data loss prevention (DLP) systems (Symantec Data Loss Prevention, McAfee DLP Prevent, Websense TRITON® AP-DATA, RSA Data Loss Prevention and others) for Customer-managed StorageZone deployments to restrict document sharing based on the file's DLP classification. Businesses, especially those in highly regulated industries, need to control file sharing based on the content inside the files themselves. Connecting ShareFile with the customer's existing DLP system allows ShareFile to classify files by their content and enforce sharing restrictions per company policy.

Mobile access to data in existing network shares

ShareFile enables IT to provide instant mobile access to data on existing network file shares, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, offering a single point of access to all data sources. ShareFile StorageZone Connectors help businesses by establishing direct and secure mobile access to data in its original location behind the corporate firewall. This feature eliminates the need for massive data migration when extending the benefits of mobility to existing network shares and SharePoint for enhanced workforce productivity. Users can edit files using the built-in mobile content editor and save them to their original location. When viewing documents residing on SharePoint, users can check out, edit, save and check them back in. Users can also quickly and easily share data both internally and externally from these repositories and even integrate with DLP systems to prevent external sharing of sensitive content. This enables users the ability to send a link to an outside vendor for a file that currently sits on a user's home drive or SharePoint document library, which can also be done from a mobile device.

The ShareFile StorageZone Connectors SDK allows any IT or partner organization to develop connectors to any ECM system, expanding the types of data users can access and edit on the go via ShareFile. Citrix partners including Point. io and CloudFuze have already built connectors for ECM systems including Alfresco, EMC Documentum® and IBM FileNet®. Users can edit these files using the built-in mobile editor and save them to their original location. When accessing data residing on SharePoint, users can check out, edit, save and then check in documents from their mobile device.

Extending businesses data strategy

ShareFile Personal Cloud Connectors allow users to access their Box, Dropbox, Google Drive™ and Microsoft OneDrive for Business accounts from

ShareFile. This capability gives enterprises the flexibility to determine how and where users store files. For businesses looking to manage their corporate data in one place, IT can choose to enable Personal Cloud Connectors for a defined period and require users to migrate all corporate data from personal file sharing services to ShareFile. IT also has the option to keep personal file sharing services available, which can be useful for communicating with third parties that have standardized on a different file sync and sharing service. With Personal Cloud Connectors, users can continue to take advantage of the productivity benefits that ShareFile offers, including editing, annotating and saving files to their original location.

Multi-tenant environments

ShareFile Enterprise is also available for multitenant environments. With this option, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Citrix Partners are able to host ShareFile in their own data centers for their clients that have specific needs around security and compliance. ShareFile's multi-tenant StorageZones capabilities supports an unlimited number of tenants. Citrix provides the complete package for partners to build and deliver complete hosted service portfolios with hosted desktops, hosted apps, mobile device management and secure file share and sync, plus the infrastructure for self-service provisioning and secure networking. With Citrix, service providers have the complete elements to create scalable, reliable private or public cloudbased DaaS offerings.

Next generation workspace

ShareFile is designed to support the next generation of work, a work from anywhere environment with the security and control the business demands where secure access to data and data sharing is essential. ShareFile provides users with an enterprise-class file sync and sharing service across their devices while providing IT with complete auditing and control. Users can access, sync and securely share files both inside and outside the organization for easy collaboration and enhanced productivity.

With ShareFile, users on-the-go can stay productive anywhere with easy to use mobile apps for quick access to files, where and when needed. ShareFile mobile apps provide access to critical data on a variety of mobile devices. Support for Apple® iPhone®, Android, Blackberry,

Windows® 8 phones and iPad, Android and Chromebook tablets is available and specifically designed to provide a brilliant and intuitive experience on these devices. Users can even connect to an Apple Watch with an iPhone to swipe slides while presenting.

Desktop integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook and Mac Finder® provide a seamless experience for data access, regardless of file size or content location. For mobile users, the built-in mobile content editor and native security controls prevent data leakage, while offline access allows full productivity in any location.

ShareFile Office 365 mobile and web app editing capability provides the ability to open and edit files stored in ShareFile directly from the web browser, saving time and increasing productivity. Users are able to edit any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files without leaving ShareFile and without desktop versions of Microsoft Office—or even their own computer to update Office files stored in ShareFile. This enables users to check out a document and edit offline. When the user checks the document back in, changes are synced, supporting collaboration scenarios.

Enable document workflows and enhance collaboration with built in electronic signature

More and more businesses are seeking a single solution that goes beyond just addressing their mobility needs but also supports workflows, such as approval chains, and enhances collaboration. ShareFile is also available as a collaborative workspace that includes several other integrated Citrix services with unlimited cloud storage where anyone can securely exchange, track, edit and e-sign content. Digitally sign proposals, projects, and invoices with RightSignature. Collaborate on projects and design custom document workflows with Podio. Store everything and replace on-prem PC backup using ShareFile unlimited cloud storage. Businesses are using ShareFile and Podio as the platform for people and teams to search, discover, and gain insights. ShareFile can also optimize access across physical, virtual, and mobile workspaces with ShareConnect.

Integrate mobile apps, desktops and services in your mobile workspace

Data is a critical component of the mobile workspace, making it possible for people to get their work done anywhere. Optimized for virtual desktop environments, ShareFile integrates with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and leverages enterprise-grade security to ensure data and applications are always secure and compliant. ShareFile allows seamless transitions from physical to virtual desktops and future OS migrations, enabling IT teams to future-proof their investment. Workers can access and sync all of their data from any device and securely share it with colleagues, partners and customers. Organizations can minimize loss of intellectual property and sensitive private information through data encryption, password authentication, and secure lock and wipe on the device, or through centralization of applications and desktops, which keeps all content in the datacenter.

Mobile document creation and editing capabilities allow users to create, review and edit Office documents and annotate Adobe® PDF files within ShareFile on mobile devices.

By enabling users to leverage a native editor, IT can restrict the use of third-party editors that create an unsecured copy of a file and can put corporate data at risk.

The unique on-demand sync capability of ShareFile is specifically designed for pooled and hosted shared virtual desktop environments, including those powered by XenDesktop and XenApp. On-demand sync drastically cuts network load, bandwidth requirements and storage costs. ShareFile also offers robust tools and clients for traditional desktops and devices.

Enterprise file sync and sharing with enterprise mobility management and software-defined workspaces

ShareFile is offered as a standalone service, as part of an enterprise mobility management solution with XenMobile, and as part of a software-defined workspace with the Workspace Suite. Integration with XenMobile helps to deliver a rich user experience with Citrix-developed apps, including WorxMail for secure mobile email, calendar and contact access; and WorxWeb for secure browsing.

Integration with Workspace Suite delivers secure access to mobile and virtual apps, desktops, and file sync and sharing services from any device, over any network to empower mobile workers with the freedom and flexibility to choose how they work.

XenMobile Enterprise delivers mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and enterprise-grade productivity apps in one comprehensive solution. IT can provide single- click access to mobile, web, datacenter and Windows apps from a unified app store, including integrated productivity apps with a great user experience. IT gains identity-based provisioning and control of apps, data and devices, automatic account de-provisioning for terminated users and selective wipe of lost devices. Application-level controls include data encryption, password authentication, secure lock and wipe, inter-app policies and micro app VPNs. XenMobile also provides business-grade secure email, browser and calendar apps to avoid the security gaps that can be introduced by consumer-grade apps.

MDM is an essential capability to enable secure enterprise mobility, but it's only the beginning. To close the security gaps introduced by consumer-grade email and file sharing apps— and give people the business-oriented features they depend on to be fully productive— your enterprise mobility management solution needs to include enterprise-grade file sync and sharing. ShareFile as part of XenMobile for mobile content management, allows employees to access, sync and securely share files from any device with people both inside and outside the organization, while IT maintains security and control. A high-quality user experience people love, including seamless integration with popular productivity tools, helps you ensure full adoption and divert users from unsecure consumer apps. Granular, multilayered security helps IT protect corporate information wherever and on whatever device people use it.


Citrix ShareFile powers a secure file sync and sharing service with the security and control IT needs and an intuitive, consumer-style look and feel to encourage full adoption by employees. IT can provide instant access to data, synced across all devices and seamlessly integrated with users' workflow, and employees can securely share files with anyone to empower.