Customization and Business Process Integration with OneSite

Adaptiva OneSite™ gives you the ability to easily incorporate your company's best practices and operations standards into the software distribution process. OneSite uses visual workflows to empower you to customize and standardize the procedures your teams follow to distribute content.

Key technologies built into OneSite that automate your business process integration capabilities include:

WorkFlow Designer

Adaptiva OneSite is the only content distribution engine that lets you visually create and execute workflows to automate processes. The WorkFlow Designer lets you automate almost any process in SCCM without scripting. You can run special processing on a client after installing an app, set up a standard series of client health checks, offload repetitive tasks, integrate with other systems, and automate almost any routine activity.

  • Create custom WorkFlows visually: The WorkFlow Designer's visual design pallet contains all essential logic constructs you need to create your WorkFlows, such as IF statements, looping, and even parallel execution. Simply drag and drop the logic you need to integrate your custom business processes and standardize operations across your teams.
  • Choose from over 160 pre-defined actions: The WorkFlow Designer contains useful activities such as working with the file system, the Windows registry, WMI, Active Directory, and SQL—over 160 activities in all. The actions are optimized for systems management, and integrate easily with ConfigMgr collections and content to make WorkFlow creation intuitive and fast.

Workflow Engine

Once workflows are visually created they can be executed using the OneSite WorkFlow Engine, an elegant, proprietary technology that runs many parts of the OneSite product itself.

  • Leverage three types of workflows: Server WorkFlows automate server-side operations, and Client WorkFlows provide powerful customizations for software deployment to clients. Business WorkFlows are run independently, and allow an input form to be presented so they can be executed using values entered at runtime.
  • Schedule automated actions based on time or events: WorkFlows can be run during pre-scheduled times, or based on certain events. For example, a Client WorkFlow can be configured to run before or after software is downloaded.

With OneSite, you have the ability to customize and automate almost any operation, even when that requires integrating with other systems and business processes.

PowerShell Fusion

OneSite helps IT professionals exploit their growing investment in PowerShell by integrating their scripts and libraries directly into the WorkFlow Engine with our PowerShell Fusion technology.

Love PowerShell? Integrate your scripts with ease.

The WorkFlow Designer lets you pass properties such as variables and collections to a PowerShell script. Then you receive output back from PowerShell (including collections), and optionally perform actions based on the returned values.

While OneSite works great on its own without any PowerShell, this deep integration gives you total flexibility and a truly world-class automation solution.

Tool Foundry

Not only does OneSite give administrators total automation flexibility, it gives you the power to distribute WorkFlows as executable (EXE) files.

  • Distribute, integrate, and scale with EXE files: Tool Foundry lets IT shops rapidly scale IT processes by distributing EXE files to authorized staff throughout the company, with granular role-based security and full authentication at runtime. It's a unique capability to empower field technicians, remote IT staff, and others with tools they need—without giving them more privileges than they need. This potent combination of power and security is a feature that only Adaptiva offers.

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